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The production of Armenian brandy can be traced to 1887, when an upper guild merchant named Nerses Tairyants built the country's first combined winery and distillery on the site of the former fortress of Yerevan. In 1899, the Armenian brandy distillery founded by Nerses Tairyants was acquired by the industrialist Nikolai Shustov. In 1900, he anonymously sent several bottles of his brandy for judging at an exhibition in Paris. The professional jury unanimously awarded the unidentified vintner the Grand-Prix. When they discovered that the winner was not French, they made an exception to the traditional rules and allowed Shustov to label his brandy "cognac." In 1913, the distillery produced 82,500 buckets of brandy, and Nikolai Shustov was named official purveyor to the Russian Imperial Court.
ARARAT brandies produced by Yerevan Brandy Company embody the Legend itself, the spirit of Armenia, its cultural and historical heritage and the craftsmanship of the Armenian people.

We are pleased to invite you to get acquainted with the history of brandy making in Armenia, follow its production phases and enjoy the delicious taste and flavor of different kinds of ARARAT brandies just from the first hand.
"Hyur Service" Company offers you to participate in the tour to Yerevan Brandy Company, producer of the brand ARARAT, where you will
  • visit the museum of the factory, get acquainted with the legends of ARARAT brandies, learn the 120 years old history of Armenian brandy production, know who have drunk Armenian brandy, see the oldest Armenian barrels and the medals which decorate the ARARAT legend.
  • walk around the ageing cellar and see how the brandy spirits are preserved, know who have nominal barrels and enjoy the delicate aroma of the cellar.
  • pass a pleasant and memorable time in the tasting hall enjoying the delicious brandies.
Tours are organized every day. The tickets are sold in our offices:
Package 1 Tour and degustation of two types of brandy ("3 stars", "Akhtamar"). The cost of the ticket is 4.500 AMD.
Package 2 Tour and degustation of three types of brandy ("Akhtamar", "Nairi", "Dvin"). The cost of the ticket is 10.000 AMD.

In case of providing transportation service to and from the brandy company, the following rates will be applied:
up to 3 pers. 4-7 pers. 8-19 pers. 20-35 pers. 36-49 pers.
6 000 AMD 10 000 AMD 16 000 AMD 27 000 AMD 43 000 AMD

Museum Coupage Degustation
museum coupage degustation

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